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Armed Robbery

Parking with Guns on a Friday Night
Create by anonymous13 :: 2009-12-21 15:43:17

It had been a warm Friday night when I experienced my first armed robbery. A couple of friends and I had decided to spend the evening taking it easy and generally chilling out. A movie and some downtime in our local park was the plan.

Soon after spending some hard earned cash at Ster-Kinekor, we decided to unwind and discuss the intricacies of the film within the tranquil settings of park. It was while we were enjoying said tranquillity when it was shattered by the sight of three large men, well-dressed, and cocking pistols. To try and describe my thoughts and emotions at that moment is a tad difficult, but what I do remember is going completely numb, emotionally anyway, and uttering the word, “Crap”.

By this stage, these guys had our full and undivided attention and we were quietly escorted further into the park and away from the road and possibly anyone that could see us. The greatest issue was that we were a trio and one of our number was in fact a woman. If I said that thoughts and images of her being raped didn’t cross my mind, I’d be lying. In a big way.

Luckily for us, these guys were rather professional about the scenario. They knew what they wanted and they never lost an ounce of control. If that wasn’t surreal enough, one of the robbers even asked me for a smoke to which I replied, “Dude, you’ve got the gun, have the pack”. As it turned out, he only wanted one cigarette.

After relieving us of our cell-phones and money, they proceeded to ransack our cars looking for anything of value that they could carry without looking suspicious. Once they had done this, we watched our car keys being thrown in the bushes and were told to not find them too quickly. After that, they disappeared as quickly as they’d come.

What struck me about the episode was their professionalism and the utter calm in which the robbery had been handled. Yes the mandatory threats were dished out, but there was no screaming or loss of control. These guys knew what they required and took it, leaving everything else behind. I was even given my sim card back by one of the robbers.

I guess the point that I was getting at, is that my friends and I were lucky. Many people get mugged or become victims of armed robbery and far too many of those same people don’t walk away unhurt. If I hadn’t been stupid enough to go to the park in the first place then perhaps my luck wouldn’t have been tested in that time and place. I’m just happy that my luck was positive for a change.

So my advice is, don’t go testing that luck in the first place.

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