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Video Fraud
Create by anonymous21 :: 2010-01-19 19:20:53

I had grown a large collection of videos over the years and came to the conclusion that i did not watch half of them. I then decided that i should sell them.

I posted an ad on the local classified paper and within a week i had gotten several calls. One caller in particular seemed to be very interested as he claimed that his video store had burned down and he was interested in the purchase of all my videos as the insurance company would pay me directly. Eventually after a few delays in meetings we arranged a meeting. I met with the mans messenger as he could not be present but was told that he would be accompanied with insurance notes and all certified documents.

The man arrived on a late friday afternoon (conveniently as the banks were closed already) he produced all documents and the letter from the so called insurance company. I must say i had a doubt in my mind about the whole situation, but it was done with such proffesionalism i overcame it.

The following day i went to deposit the cheque to my horror it was fake, all the phone numbers i had communicated on with the man had been erased.

I was just a victim of fraud!

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